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Counselling support online during the coronavirus outbreak

Looking after your mental health during Covid-19

In line with Government guidance, I am currently not in a position to offer face-to-face support so have temporarily suspended my hypnotherapy services. I am, however, offering counselling support online for both my existing clients and new ones.

We are living in unprecedented times, and understandably there is a lot of fear around Covid-19. The lockdown process can make us feel very isolated and anxious so it can be reassuring to know that while I cannot offer emotional support in person, I can enable it in the comfort and safety of your own home through video.

If you feel that it would be useful to talk to someone and share some of what you're feeling then you can contact me now.

Looking after yourself during the coronavirus:

Keeping up with the news can be quite frightening, and while it's essential that you stay informed it's equally important to try and manage your wellbeing during this time. Below are some suggestions to help:

  • Plan your day, have some sort of routine.
  • Include some exercise in your day, it can help alleviate stress and give you more energy.
  • Stay connected with others, from phone calls to letter writing.
  • Try relaxation techniques like mindfulness and breathing exercises.
  • Be kind to yourself, recognise your achievements, reflect on what you're feeling
  • Limit your exposure to news and take advice from trusted sources like the World Health Organisation and
  • Try to wind down before sleep by avoiding electronic devices an hour before bedtime.

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