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About Me. Jane Delapre

About me

I have worked in private practice since qualifying in 2011 and volunteered for a national bereavement charity for over nine years.

I trained as an integrative therapist, which means I use different approaches to support clients with their issues. What works for one person might not work for you.

We live at a time when arguably there has never been a bigger choice of ways to communicate with each other. And yet people seem to be talking and listening less and less, and choosing instead to interact digitally, which can make you feel isolated. How often have you not actually spoken to anyone all day, just kept up on social media?

Safe and non-judgemental space to talk

Not everyone finds it easy to discuss their feelings or thoughts. And not everyone has a 'go-to' friend that will listen. I like to provide a kindly and safe environment where you feel you can talk openly and confidentially without fear of being judged.

If you are reading this then maybe you have reached that point where you want an empathic ear, someone who gives you the time and space to explore and reflect on your issues and support you as you find a way of moving forward. Many clients have approached me when they feel things are getting on top of them and over the years I have helped people cope with depression, grieve, regain confidence, manage anxiety, work through guilt, deal with weight issues, or understand behaviours like obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD).

Others have been able to stop smoking, or successfully rid themselves of harmful habits like excessive drinking, or the paralysing effects of phobias.

How I work indoors and outdoors

When it comes to hypnotherapy, I offer this service from the Towcester Clinic. For some people, a single relaxing session is enough to make positive changes in their life, while for others up to three sessions may be necessary.

As regards counselling, I work both indoors at Towcester Clinic and outside in a beautiful local park. Each session lasts around one hour and at our initial meeting we usually agree how frequently we shall meet and what you hope to achieve out of therapy. For some people, just four to six sessions may be all that's necessary to understand how your thinking and behaviour have been shaped and how you could change your perspective and respond and cope with future challenges.

My nature-based psychotherapy in Northamptonshire (sometimes called outdoor therapy or ecotherapy) can prove both liberating yet grounding. I would either walk and talk with you, or we sit, or do sensory awareness exercises. You don’t need to be particularly fit, and all that I ask is that you wear clothing appropriate for the weather.

I am an accredited psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Northampton

Accredited Voluntary Register

Accredited Voluntary Register

What clients say about me

“I learnt that the things in your head are not always as bad, like you thought they were. The time spent with Jane was the safest, most comfortable place to be to learn who I really was after 50 years.” SA

“To think what I was like when I first met you makes me realise how far I’ve come and that’s down to you”. Lou

“I’m grateful for the support you’ve given me this past six months. Before our sessions I felt so low and lost, but with the strength you provide, your clarity of approach and penetrating insight, I feel that you have helped me come a long way in a short period of time,” JB

" I just thought I'd message you to say I'm doing really well at the moment. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you."GN

“Leave your life to chance and chances are you won’t like the way you live your life.” Charles J. Givens

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